"We LOVE this! Great value, I can't imagine that it could be better."

Reba C.


"You have a great idea with this. When my parents opened their Christmas present, they haven't been that excited about a present in years!

Patrick D.


"I LOVE my Parish Tins and this is my new favorite gift to give people!"

Taylor M.


"I Love that there is a variety of places to eat. I love that it is all local restaurants! It's definitely getting me out to places I had not tried before."

Amber M.


"We gave three of these as gifts and kept one for ourselves and everyone has loved using them - nice balance of favorites and new places to try. I hope you continue to do this - we'd love to make this a gift tradition!

Katherine T.


What a wonderful idea. We love it. Can't wait to see what will be in it next year!

Chris T.


"I think it is a great idea! Every time we go out to eat, we pull out the tin!

Dawn J.


"This is awesome what you all are doing. This gives my Husband and I a chance to eat at different local places that we haven't tried yet and we are really excited to try everything out. Thank you"

Chalie T.